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2018 Compassionate Business Award PETA____________________
Sommers' original founder

Member of the Association for Contract Textiles (ACT) the definitive resource for contract textile information and education 

To be ECO or not 

Sustainability & "Cowspiracy"

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Benefits of Faux vs Real

Interview with Donna Saylers of Fabulous Furs 

All material sold by 54" width in linear yards (36") unless otherwise noted.

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Sommers - We're more than just plastics.

Synthetic, vegan leather and fur, polyurethane, PVC 
Shop for vinyl, coated-textiles, clear, frosty and quirky novelties.

"Fashion Engineering®" animal-friendly materials since 1947.


Above slides:
Lotus Elise at 
French Auto Show 2016 interior upholstery and trim provided by Sommers
2018 Compassionate Business Award from PETA
Swatch Ring Sets of stock polyurethane
Polyurethane-covered sculpted chair
Sommers' new van is ready to roll into your neighborhood to deliver all your coated-fabric, vinyl &  fake fur needs.
SOMMERS' new address: 835 Bloomfield Ave, Clifton, NJ 07012
Coming soon: Latest "Fun Fur" fashion with metallic treatment- "GLITTERBUG" and "STARRY NIGHT"
Light Sculptures by Sanford Kogan using Clear Moire Lenticular in Rolls 
Dresses made with "SPUN" TPU 3-D Printed Lace. 
Advertising brochures of 1950's. Note our name, Sommers Fabrics Corporation, preceding "Plastics."
Mystery Mirror Foil laminated to medical grade adhesive and cut precisely by in UK
Actual LP records artistically pressed by WaxMagers incorporating different Sommers' vinyls.
Rosemary Paone winning outfit at FIT fashion show with "RubberStretch" & Charcoal "Refllect-it" for piping.
Nauga's first appearance on the Johnny Carson "Tonight Show."
...and more.

A Brief History of Plastics

The history of manmade, synthetic materials like vinyl, aka PVC, polyvinyl chloride, sponge leather, leatherette, pleather, etc., dates back a long way. "I have one word for's not "PLASTICS." It's "RUBBER." All the materials in stock at Sommers Plastics and shown on this web site would not have been possible without one man's discovery. That is Charles Goodyear.

Goodyear didn't invent rubber, but in 1839, he figured out how to use it in a new way. Natural rubber was discovered by ancient civilizations like the Maya and the Aztecs. They collected sap from rubber trees and used it to create all sorts of products including shoes and many of the end products made to this day by Sommers Plastics' customers like you. But natural rubber has its limitations; it hardens in cold weather and melts in hot. What Charles Goodyear did was discover a chemical process which adds sulfur to natural rubber to create a durable, waterproof and flexible material. This process is called vulcanization. Rubber changed the quality of our shoes and our lives.

The tradition of innovation in rubber and rubber-like materials continues today. Sommers' trademarked term, "Fashion Engineering®," defines our goal to provide you with new and unique products. We have been doing this successfully since young, Herman Schecter, found himself in the right place at the right time. Brooklyn, NY, 1947 (see "Flashback-Brooklyn, NY).

Learn about the production process for making PVC and polyurethane.

Beware of prop 65 bounty hunters. Polyurethane lines comply with Calif Prop 65

Copyright 2011 Sommers Plastic Products. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2012 Sommers Plastic Products, All Rights Reserved
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